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Ear Piercing Treatment

Newly pierced ears can cause a lot of discomfort, especially if the piercing is on the cartilaginous portions of the ear. If proper care is not taken, you may even get ear piercing infections. Therefore proper ear piercing aftercare is very essential.
The first step of course in ear piercing care is to make sure that you get your ear pierced from a reputed person who uses sterilized needles. Often most jewelry stores pierce ears for free however, go only to the store that has a good reputation. Don’t try to pierce your ears yourself. Do not even allow any friends or inexperienced person to do them for you. Improper ear piercing can lead to ear piercing infections that will cause you a lot of discomfort.
For good ear piercing care, treat your newly pierced ears to hydrogen peroxide. Take some of it on a ball of cotton and clean your ears with it at least twice everyday. Also move your ear rings a little so that the hydrogen peroxide can reach the piercing completely. It will also help in preventing any further ear piercing infection.
For effective ear piercing healing, turn your ear rings around a couple of times everyday. This should be done to prevent the piercing from healing around the jewelry.

Ear piercing aftercare requires the studs that have been put in the new piercings should be left as they are for at least the first six weeks. If you have pierced ear infection, or there is crusting, bleeding or swelling, leave the studs on for longer. However if your piercings are healing fast, you can change the studs to replace them with something of your choice. However do make sure that whatever you are inserting into your ear is clean and disinfected. If at all your skin is sensitive, make sure that your new jewelry is hypoallergenic.
Ear piercing healing happens quite fast so if you remove your studs and do not replace them, there are good chances that your piercings might heal completely and you would have to get your ears pierced again.
Ear piercing infections are something that you should lookout for. If you have a piercing on the cartilages, pulling or pushing while inserting jewelry may aggravate the piercing and cause a lot of discomfort. If your piercings are new and you haven’t worn ear rings for some time, your piercing might have healed and closed. Do not try to force your ear ring through the hole.