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There are really many people who want to appear perfect to the world, so they could feel more confident about themselves.  There are so many things that these people would try just so they would look good.  While some may just apply some creams, masques and lotions, others go one step further.  They have the part of their faces or bodies that they feel are not according to their ideals of perfection corrected through plastic surgery. 

There is one procedure under cosmetic plastic surgeries that is most common among these people and this is rhinoplasty.  This is the type of surgery that is done to change the shape of the nose.  This type of nose surgery is done to reshape the nose's bride or tip or either increase or reduce its size.  It could also be done to change distance or angle from your nose to your upper lip.  However, this type of surgery is not just done for cosmetic purposes, as it is also performed to rectify an injury incurred on the nose or some defect that has been there since birth.  It could also provide some form of relief for problems in breathing.

If you feel like you could benefit from rhinoplasty, then it is best to contact a rhinoplasty surgeon now so you could have a thorough talk with him or her if you are a possible candidate for the surgery.  You and your surgeon could talk about how to go about the procedure and what needs to be done before it.  You will learn from him the certain factors that could have direct consequences on the surgery like the shape of your face, your nose's bone and cartilage structure and the thickness of your skin, among others.  You will also be made aware of the risks that you subject yourself to with the surgery.  Be sure to answer all your rhinoplasty surgeon's questions as precisely as you can, especially if they concern such things as allergies to medications.  You should not hesitate to ask questions, yourself.

Rhinoplasty typically takes one or two hours depending the extensiveness of the procedure.  If the surgery is more complicated than most, then it could drag on for more than two hours.  Once the surgery has been completed, you will be feeling a dull ache on your head, puffiness of your face and of course, ache on your nose.  This is especially during the first 24 hours after the surgery.  You should be in bed during this time and take pain killers to manage the pain that you might feel.

You should be aware that for at least three days after your nose surgery, you will experience the bruising and swelling around your eyes to hike and then peak.  You could relieve yourself from the discomfort of this if you will put a cold compress on the bruised and swollen area.  This will disappear in about two weeks.  The healing process will be slow and gradual.