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Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a procedure in which biological or synthetic products are used to surgically restructure or enhance the lips. Lip augmentation is also known as lip enhancement. An ideal lip filler used in lip augmentation is one that is pliable, soft and permanent. Lip filler should also be inexpensive and removable.

A good candidate for a lip enhancement procedure is someone who is in great emotional and physical health/ Plus the individual must have elastic skin and no existing medical conditions. A patient in a lip enhancement procedure must have patience and the discipline to follow the post-operative guidelines.

An individual who has lip augmentation performed is someone who wants to alter, reshape, lift or resize their lips. Lip enhancement is best suited for individuals who have deflated lips, small lips, a dropping or sagging upper lip, lack of color, reconstructive needs, asymmetry or wrinkling of the lips. Wrinkling around the lips can be caused from aging or smoking.

A lip lift is a procedure that elevates the position of the upper lift. This type of lip augmentation procedure is designed to give a broader smile. An upper lift lip is the most common type of procedure performed. The effect of a lip lift is to have a more pleasing and youthful appearance. Most patients are one-hundred percent satisfied.

A lip lift is achieved by injecting abdominal fat into the lips during the surgical procedure. This is the same way in which a lip enhancement is performed. A lip enhancement gives the appearance of fuller and wider lips.

As a person ages the bones of the face retract and diminish. This retraction causes the skin on the face to begin to hang down. The soft tissue and fat located on the face also tend to fall. This is a type of skin atrophy. An aged upper lip can be characterized by a thin or non-existent layer of vermillion. Vermillion is the pink part of the lip. This non-appearance of vermillion will cause a person to have a smile that does not show any teeth. A lip lift can create a fuller, broader smile.

Many individuals have benefited from having lip augmentation performed. Full lips are a trendy and hot look right now. It is important to have lip augmentation performed by a licensed plastic surgeon. Ask to see before and after pictures of customers who have had lip augmentation performed.  Lip enhancement is a cosmetic procedure that does require a small period of recovery time.