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Cellulite : Cellulite causes and Anti Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a common medical problem that affects millions of women. Cellulite affects women of all ages and cultures. The term cellulite is used to describe the pockets of fat that are trapped beneath the skin. The trapped fat causes the appearance of dimpled skin or “orange peel” skin. Over ninety-percent of women of post adolescence age are affected by cellulite. Cellulite is a medical condition that rarely affects men.

The most common areas in which cellulite appear are the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. Many people believe that cellulite appears due to weight gain or obesity. This is not true though because cellulite is found on the bodies of women who are thin. Cellulite is a condition that occurs in women who are overweight, normal or thin. This is a type of medical condition that does not discriminate between age and culture.

Many women can not stand the sight of cellulite. There are several causes of cellulite. One cause of cellulite is poor circulation in the skin. Poor circulation leads to fat being trapped or blocked in the layer of the skin. Another cause of cellulite is poor diet and lack of exercise. Environmental factors such as smoking or pollution can also cause the appearance of cellulite. Smoking is known to cause the appearance of early cellulite and other signs of aging.

Treatments for Cellulite: How to Reduce Cellulite

One type of cellulite treatment is using a cellulite lotion. A cellulite lotion is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The way in which a cellulite lotion works is by massaging the skin layers and improving the blood flow. This can unblock the trapped fat.

Another cellulite treatment is to have a healthy diet and routine exercise regimen. Exercise can greatly reduce the signs and appearance of cellulite. It is also very important to drink plenty of water and to eat fresh fruits and vegetables in order to promote a healthy blood flow.

Cellulite can be removed through cosmetic procedures. The procedures must be performed by a licensed plastic surgeon. This type of cellulite treatment works best with the combination of diet and exercise. A healthy diet and daily exercise will prevent the reoccurrence of cellulite.

It is important to remember that cellulite is an issue that affects millions of women. This is a medical condition that can be easily treated. No one has to be stuck with unsightly “orange peel or cottage cheese” skin. Follow these helpful suggestions and reduce the appearance of cellulite.