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Brow Lift

A brow lift or a forehead lift is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to raise an individual’s eyebrows to a more aesthetic, higher position. By having a brow lift performed an individual will also improve the appearance of droopy flaps of skin that hang over the outside corners of the eyes. This type of cosmetic procedure is also well liked because the procedure softens the appearance of scowl lines and horizontal forehead wrinkles.

A person who has a brow lift will not eliminate the appearance of puffy eyes, baggy eyelids or crow’s feet. There are other eye surgeries and treatments to deal with these specific issues.

Scars may appear at the top of the head or around the hairline from having a brow lift. The amount and appearance of scar tissue depends on the type of procedure that is being performed.

There are three different brow lift procedures. The first procedure is the coronal forehead lift. With this type of procedure an individual has an incision from the top of the head and then ear to ear. The plastic surgeon is able to eliminate the appearance of horizontal forehead wrinkles and scowling lines. This is considered to be the most reliable and oldest brow lift technique.

The second type of brow lift is the endoscopic forehead lift. The plastic surgeon is able to weaken the scowl muscles but is not able to directly reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles. This type of brow lift uses a smaller incision line and requires a shorter period of recovery.

The third type of brow lift is the subcutaneous forehead lift. This is the least common of brow lifts that are performed. The disadvantage of this type of brow lift is that a scar is left across the top of the forehead. This scar is usually highly visible.  

A brow lift can be performed at a plastic surgeon’s office or at the hospital. This type of cosmetic procedure takes over sixty minutes to complete. General anesthesia or sedation is required. There is mild discomfort and pain after a brow lift is performed. An individual may have black eyes for a temporary period of time. After having a brow lift an individual can return to work within three days. The final results of a brow lift are seen in two to four weeks.

A brow lift is a great way to reduce several signs of aging including forehead wrinkles and scowl lines. Individuals who have a brow lift enjoy having a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.