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Breast Reduction Surgery

While there are some women who want to increase the size of their breasts, there are also other women who want to reduce their bust size. These specific women are those who are endowed with very huge breasts, and have experienced problems because of it. They may be experiencing pain to their neck and back because of the extra weight that they have been carrying. There are some who suffer from breathing problems, while there are also some who experience itchy imprints from the straps of their bra. Having very big breasts can also be traumatic to women who are ridiculed for the size of their breasts and, they may feel self-conscious. Besides, the great size can result to saggy mammary glands.

If you are feeling self-conscious over your huge breasts, you can opt for breast reduction surgery. The procedure involves the removal of skin and fatty tissues from your breasts, in order to make them firmer, smaller and more supple looking. Breast reduction will also reduce your areola, making it proportionate with your new breasts.

Like any other plastic surgery, before you go through its procedure, you have to be aware of the issues that surround it. The procedure of a breast reduction surgery can be complicated, but if your surgeon has wide expertise, then you are guaranteed of a safe surgery. When you finally undergo it, there are potential complications like, infection or bleeding. On the other hand, you may also react to the anesthesia that has been given to you. There are some women who develop tiny sores, which may grow around the area of their nipples, after they have undergone surgery. In order to treat this, they just apply antibiotic cream. Prior the surgery procedure of breast reduction, your surgeon will provide you with advices on what to avoid or do. You have to adhere to these since these will help you lessen the possible risks.

There are some types of plastic surgery, which leave scars on your breasts. However, these can be concealed with your bra or clothing, as the incision is made on an area, which can be easily hidden with a garment. If you smoke, the scars are wider and do not heal fast. The other disadvantages of breast reduction are uneven nipples and, breasts, which do not have the same size. If you plan to get pregnant, nursing your infant is not possible since, several of your milk glands are removed.