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Pierced body healing

Body piercing care is the most important part, after getting your piercing done. Care comes in different stages- body piercing care, body piercing infection and body piercing aftercare. Taking care of your piecing right after you get it done is not when your care starts or stops. Understanding everything, that can happen, or will happen and when it can happen, is the first step towards your body piercing care.
When you decide to get a body piercing, you need to make sure that the establishment is a clean shop. Set your standards high. Do not be afraid to ask questions. If the establishment is on the up and up, they will gladly answer all your questions. It is beneficial to them to make sure you understand what to expect in the procedure, how they handle instruments, and what kind of body piercing aftercare do they recommend. The shop is going to want you as a potential repeat customer so they should be eager to make you feel comfortable with their practices.
Understanding the risks involved with getting body piercings is also a part of your body piercing care. You need to make sure that medically you are able to get the piercing done without probable complications. This means making sure all your immunizations are up to date and that you do not have any medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, allergies or anything that can lower the immune system.
The process of getting the piercing poses its own threat of getting a body piercing infection. Especially in areas where there are excessive germs and good conditions for them to grow- like the mouth and nose.

Other potential risks of body piercing are:

  • You can get a chronic infection.
  • The pierced site may not stop bleeding.
  • You always have the risk of scarring. Sometimes this can be considered disfiguring if extensive.
  • You can contract hepatitis B or C. Especially if the piercing is done with a needle that had been previously used on another person.
  • If your tetanus shots are not up to date, you are exposed to the risk of getting tetanus.
  • You may have an allergy to the metal used in the piece of jewelry you chose for your piercing.
  • You can develop an abscess or boil at the site because of the trauma your body has gone through.
  • You can have inflammation or nerve damage if the piercer is not careful.

Body piercing healing includes keeping the site clean and disinfected. Don’t mess with the piercing; this can lead to irritation of the pierced skin. Always wash your hands before cleaning the area. For a piercing inside the mouth, use an alcohol-free, antibacterial mouthwash after eating and smoking. Watch the area, if it doesn’t seem like it is healing. Or if your gut is telling you that something is not right, it may not be right. Go have it checked out. It is better to be safe than to regret it later.