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Natural Hair Oil Benefits

None among us can truthfully say that we do not crave for silky, smooth and bouncy hair that is full of sheen. Unfortunately our hair is delicate and porous making such desires hard to achieve. The outer protective cuticles of our hair are arranged in layers and get damaged due to the various pollutants, harsh chemicals in our hair care products, bleaching, dying and excessive hair drying.
If we look around us, there are so many natural remedies that we can use to help make our hair closer to what we wanted. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables, plants and herbs that produce oil which is excellent for the good health of our hair. There are many different oils that are used for natural hair care and each has a different effect. The following are some of the popular natural haircare oils and essential oils.

Coconut Oil for hair care

The molecular structure of coconut oil is what makes it perfect for hair care. It quickly penetrates the hair cuticles and moisturizes them deeply. It works well with the hair protein and also has a calming effect on the mind.
Coconut oil is also great for dandruff. If you have an itchy and dry scalp, you may get dandruff. Coconut oil, the great moisturizer that it is, helps moisturize the scalp and the hair for dandruff treatment and give the hair a natural glow.
A hot oil massage right before you go to bed can be relaxing as well as great for your hair. One of the best natural hair oils, coconut oil is fully absorbed by your hair and also gives it a great smell. You can wash off the excess oil in the morning and be left with great smelling, great looking hair with no split end.

Rosemary Oil for hair growth

Rosemary natural essential oils are great therapy for hair and their aroma is soothing and relaxing. Used for both body and scalp massages, this oil can induce hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles.
The natural essential oil can slow down the graying of hair significantly. It also controls hair fall and conditions a scalp that is dry and scaly. This natural hair oil can be mixed with tea tree oil to enhance its functions and give it antimicrobial properties.

Jojoba Oil for scalp massage

Although this natural hair oil is not used in large quantities, it provides instant nourishment to the hair and the scalp. Large quantities of oil when applied to your hair and scalp can cause problems. Therefore it is advised that you use a small amount to massage your scalp. The aroma and the natural heat of the oil can stimulate the hair and give it a natural bounce and life. This natural essential oil is recommended for hair that is limp and lifeless.