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Caring for Long Hair

Shining long hair, flowing loose or carefully dressed remains a sure symbol of feminity even in this age of change and controversy. Some experts believe women let their hair grow to flaunt their beauty and their sex-appeal.

Long hair needs special care and when long hair isn't properly cared for, it begins to look like a rope left outdoors for months.

Shampooing with the correct shampoo, specially formulated for long hair is very essential. After shampooing your hair, take care as wet hair is very fragile and can break easily.

Long Hair Care Tips: After washing your hair, don't brush instantly. Wrap it in a towel and blot out some of the moisture. Rubbing splits the ends and tugging very wet hair in its weakened state, pulls out the hair. When your hair is slightly dry, comb it with a wide toothed comb, starting from the ends slowly working up to the crown. In this way you avoid tangles and excess pulling.

A problem faced by many is, oily scalp, coupled with dry and split ends. Follow your shampoo with a final rinse of diluted vinegar-one tablespoon of vinegar to a mug of water. This helps restore the acid mantle that has just been washed away. Also, use a good creamy conditioner only on the ends. Oily hair care also requires brushing to keep oil from pooling on the scalp and to carry the oil to hair ends to prevent the ends from drying out and splitting.

Correct brushing with the correct brush is probably the single most important factor in long hair-care. Use a brush with natural bristles or with rounded synthetic bristles set in a back that is durable with a handle which fits comfortably in your hands. The best way to brush your hair, of course, is with your head hung down, while you brush finely from nape to ends of hair and all round. Use firm, even strokes. Don't tear your hair and don't yank it.

Trichologist recommend frequent massaging of the scalp. Massage, certainly loosens the scalp and improves the circulation, giving elasticity to the hair. Start massaging with the fingers together at the top of your head using the cushions, not the tip of your fingers. Make rotary movements, working over the entire scalp and moving the scalp, not the fingers.

Long Hair Tips: Split ends especially in long hair are a result 'of rough treatment of your hair. Fierce brushing snaps the hair and breaks it off. The use of rubber bands to tie hair together and winding hair into a fish hook with metal curlers or rollers can damage your long tresses. To avoid split ends, your hair deserves gentle, capable handling. First trim the hair off above the split. Keep them under control by using a cream conditioner on the dry ends. Don't use metal or wire rollers.

Girls who wear long hair in tight plaits and women who wear a tight chignon seem to be the most frequent victims of spot baldness. It is caused by pulling the hair tightly back in an elastic band or bun in exactly the same place for a long period. The position of a pony tail or a bun and the parting of these hair-dos should be changed often if loss of hair is to be avoided. Hair pulled back into confined styles should have the benefit of extra care in correct brushing and massage.

Once again, those of you who use electric rollers, curling irons and blow dryers, be sure to condition your hair after shampoo and use hot oil treatments regularly to keep hair from drying out.

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