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Hair Removing Solutions

Hair removal has been practiced for centuries across all world cultures for beauty, religious, cultural or sexual reasons. Today, having smooth skin without hair is considered beautiful and good looking. The process is called depilation and comes from Latin, meaning complete hair removal. Some of the hair removal methods include the use of depilatory creams, plucking, waxing, sugaring, threading, epilation, and permanent procedures like laser treatment, electrolysis and intense pulsed light.

Hair Removal Creams:

Today, depilatory creams are more popular as they are easier to use and less expensive. The common active ingredient in hair removal creams whether in lotion, aerosol, gel, roll-on or powder form, is calcium thioglycolate. The popular creams contain calcium, sodium, and titanium dioxide which break the disulfide bonds in keratin causing the hair to weaken so that they can be easily removed. The advantages are that they are simple to use at home, painless, avoid razor cuts, and can be used for different parts of the body. The disadvantages are that they have a strong chemical odor, may increase the growth of ingrown hairs, cause burning or itching if left for a longer period and re-growth may happen in just 2-5 days time. Depilatories if used unsystematically can cause third degree burns.

Shaving is a good option for removing body hair. The main disadvantage with shaving is that the hair grows back quite quickly. Add to that the fact that shaving your legs can be quite time consuming and leaves you prone to nicks and cuts.

The use of chemicals on your skin over longer periods of time can affect it adversely. You can go in for natural products that will do less damage to your skin. Waxing with organic and natural wax can be effective and give the desired results. Though waxing is more painful and needs practice to remove hair, it is best to use natural waxing solutions such as reusable strips and gels with ingredients like lemon, honey, molasses, vinegar, tea, and lavender. The effects last longer and are better than shaving or using depilatory creams.

When you are looking at hair removal products make sure they have organic ingredients.  For facial hair removal, you can try tweezing or plucking for removing small areas of facial hair. Though tweezing and plucking are painful, they are long lasting as the hair is removed from the roots and it takes some time for it to re-grow. You may also use depilatory creams for removing hair on face.