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Skin Beauty Secrets

To add to our beauty, nature offers its best to make us look and feel the best. Everywhere you turn you are bound to be tempted with beauty products and cosmetic surgeries that promise to give you a new look. However, nature’s beauty care products can be found right in your kitchen and refrigerator. Here are some of the natural beauty tips you can try.

  • Try a mix of tomato juice, honey, and lemon juice and apply on your face and neck. Wash after 10-15 minutes to remove all the grime and dirt settled after a long day. Mix gram flour, yogurt and lemon and apply on your face, neck and hands and wash after it dries with cool water. This home beauty tip will leave your skin smooth and soft. It also acts as an excellent scrub to remove dead cells. Take a slice of lemon and sprinkle little salt and use it as scrub. This is a quick beauty care tip to lighten the skin tone and is very effective for dark elbows.
  • A successful beauty secret lies in the mix of gram flour and green gram flour. Mix these flours together and add damask rose petals, lemon and orange peels which have been dried in the shade for 10-15 days and made into powder. Use this aromatic mixture as a face mask or in place of soap while you bathe. This will make your skin silky and glowing.
    Mix gram flour, turmeric and yogurt and apply on the face and allow it dry. Wash with warm water. This will make your skin smooth and also remove the soft hair from your face. Applying Indian fuller’s earth is an excellent quick beauty tip for soft skin. Sandal wood powder will give you smooth skin and also make oily skin normal.
  • In case of dark circles under your eyes the best beauty secrets tip is to cut a slice of potato and place it on the eyes or apply a little castor oil.
  • Massage your skin with coconut oil and a few drops of essential oils of rosemary or lavender and have a hot bath with margosa leaves and rose petals to make your skin feel refreshed. For chapped lips apply Vaseline and honey. For cracked feet apply ample coconut oil and soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes.
  • The best natural beauty secret lies in eating a well balanced diet with vegetables, fruits, and nuts that contain antioxidant qualities.