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Hair Straightening Treatments

Many women across the world desire to be a part of the trend that reckons straight silky tresses as a fashion statement. There is a wide range of hair straightening treatments available to choose from. However, not all these treatments are safe for the hair.

What are the hair straightening treatments?

One of the most popular hair straightening treatments is the Japanese hair treatment, which is a lengthy and arduous procedure that extends from 3 to 6 hours, is expensive and has adverse effects on the hair. It can leave the hair dry and stripped of its natural nutrients. Other popular treatments include the Yuko hair treatment, keratin hair treatment, relaxing treatment, and others. Most of these hair treatments involve the use of chemicals that can, in the long run, damage hair. Hair may become fragile and break easily as a result of these treatments. In any case, the straightened hair will only remain so until new hair grows from scalp. As your hair grows, your natural hair type will be revealed and you might have to go to the stylists for touch ups every six months to maintain the straightened look.

Straightening of hair include two steps which alters the chemical bonds to bring results.  The nitrogen and sulfur bonds in the cortex are broken during the hair straightening procedure. This softens the hair and the neutralizer is used to reverse and restore the bonds. This chemical process can damage the hair.

Tips for straightening hair:

There are some hair straightening tips that you can try at home for best results. The texture and length of your hair has to be kept in mind before it is straightened. You can prepare a gel for hair straightening by mixing white flour, conditioner, and the lotion. Clean and dry your hair and part it into sections from the back horizontally. Use a file board to apply the gel on your hair. Leave the gel on for 15- 40 minutes and use a high pressure jet of water to rinse it away. Comb your hair after rinsing and leave it undisturbed for 15 minutes. Apply the neutralizer, and rinse again after 10-15 minutes. Use a good conditioner and comb your hair well. Go for a straight hair cut to make it look even and neater. This is an excellent natural hair straightening treatment.

How to use straightening iron?

Use a ceramic hair straightening iron as it is safer and preserves the moisture in your hair. Part your well cleaned and dried hair into sections vertically and pin them up on top of your head, except for one loose part. Heat the flat iron to the desired temperature and apply it to your hair, close to the scalp, and move it down the entire length of your hair slowly. Repeat the process with every section. Finally apply serum for extra sheen and smoothness.