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Advice on Hair Fall after Delivery

After delivery my hair starts falling.My baby is now 8 1/2 months.Its not Stopping its falling more now. What to do? Is it normal?Which shampoo and hair oil should i use?
(28 Aug 2007)

Hair fall after delivery is natural and not uncommon.Normally all have it .Please use jaborandi and aloe vera containing shampoo.Just use Bottle gourd oil or olive oil.Do deep and slow breathing daily for 15 minutes on empty stomach.

answered by D M Z K on 30 Aug 2007, 6:54:43


hair fall after delivery is normal

Some hair tips are making use of herbal shampoo and hair oil and take hair message atleast once in a week if you have countinously hair fall problem so consult your doctor

answered by s on 30 Aug 2007, 2:03:22


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