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Olive Oil Skin Care

Is olive oil good for skin care? What about hair?
(20 Jun 2008)

Olive Oil Health  and Beauty Benefits

Olive oil is one of the most beneficial of all natural products for the skin. Traditionally it was commonly used in Egypt as a cosmetic, and is still revered in many Mediterranean countries as a natural medicine.

Olive oil has demonstrated a regenerative power over skin tissue and can regulate your skin’s natural moisturizing system. It softens and smooths the skin and it tones the skin and firms it up, making it excellent for stimulating and healing. It is commonly used to soothe an heal skin irritations and sunburn by applying it directly to the skin. What’s more, is that consumption of olive oil as a dietary ingredient also demonstrates beneficial effects to the skin. One of the reasons why olive oil is so beneficial to the skin is that it is rich in healthy fats and antioxidant vitamin E. Besides this it is also very good for the heart.

Extra virgin olive oil is extremely rich in phenolic antioxidants and squalene and oleic acidas well. In addition to the direct antioxidant capacity of olive oil its extracts are also regarded as having the capacity to inhibit xanthine oxidase activity. Olive oil is richer in squalene than most seed oils, and this component is believed to be transferred to the skin. According to Japanese scientists applying virgin olive oil to the skin after sunbathing offers protection from skin cancer as they believe it to slow tumor growth.
answered by G S on 20 Jun 2008, 12:20:13


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