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Skin Care Cream

Can you suggest some good skin care cream for taking care of skin.
( 8 May 2008)

Skin Care Cream 

There are a great number of great skin care products available nowadays due to consumer focus on natural and healthy ingredients. Additive and preservative free options are now routinely available in stores and one need to go to a specialty store to obtain these healthier and less toxic options. There are a number of homemade options that one could try too.

In order to make sure you skin gets the nourishment it needs use a mild moisturizer that does not contain any bleaching agents. You could try aloe vera gel, which has a cooling effect as well. This gel is available in its pure form in many specialty and cosmetic stores. You can also obtain it by slitting the juicy leaves of an aloe vera plant and extracting the gel. If your skin is dry blend a tablespoon full of plain, unflavored yogurt with a pinch of turmeric and apply to the face. Leave this paste on for fifteen to twenty minutes and wash it off with warm water. In case of oily skin use a tablespoon full of milk instead of yogurt. Both milk and yogurt have excellent skin care properties and they also have a mildly de-tanning effect.

answered by G S on 9 May 2008, 1:49:12


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