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Is leukoderma hereditary in nature. How many chances are there of getting affected of unborn baby if his/her grand parents suffering from leukoderma

( 9 May 2008)

Vitiligo natural cures 

Leucoderma also known as vitiligo is a distressing skin condition. It is an acquired depegmentation of the skin which is common world wide. The white patches are the result of a gradual loss of the skin pigment melanin from the skin. Thus leucoderma is also commonly referred as ‘white skin'. Heredity do play a role in acquiring leucoderma but the chances are low, for example if a one or both parent have leucoderma then children of these parent are only at a fraction of higher risk of getting the disease then the general population. Any normal person is at 1-2% risk for getting leucoderma with no family history in generations. That means if a child can start getting leucoderma symptoms without any known reason at all, also if his/her grandparents don't have leucoderma. There are many researches going on to know the exact cause for leucoderma but no specific cause has been figured out yet. One theory suggests that leucoderma can be due to mistake identity. This means that the body's immune cells mistakenly consider the skin pigment melanin as antibodies and start attacking them. The second theory says that these skin pigments are destroyed by certain chemical agents in the body and the third theory states that the destruction of the cells is due to certain chemical exposure. All these prove one point that there is definitely destruction of the skin pigment which gives white patches to the body. Do not worry the chances of the unborn baby whose grandparents have leucodema are very nominal. In most of the cases where even parents have leucoderma the baby's have been absolutely normal but again it depends on the fate of the baby because as of now there are not many genetic or parental tests have been made considering this clause. 

answered by J C on 13 Jun 2008, 8:55:08


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