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Deep Condition Treatment, Care of Dry Hair

On the first hair wash my hair is dry and frizzy, but the next day it becomes oily (combination hair type). Please advise how to manage this.
(26 Aug 2008)

Human hair is of many different types some of them are thick while some of them are comparatively finer. After' texture' hair can be differentiated based on whether it is straight wavy or curly and finally it can be differentiated on whether it is oily or dry. Sometimes though people have a combination of hair characteristics and their hair is oily and sometimes it appears completely dry. Regardless of different hair types washing one's hair in the proper way makes all the difference to managing hair and keeping it healthy and beautiful. When shampooing your hair always remember to never use very hot water to rinse your hair before or after the shampoo. The excess heat only damages the hair and saps it of its natural oils, thus making it dry and rough. To compensate for the loss of oil the scalp goes into overdrive when producing the natural oil again and thus after your hair being dry and rough it becomes oily and sticky. When dealing with a combination hair type you will need to focus on the right kind of shampoo for you. Avoid both shampoos for oily and dry hair, instead use a shampoo made for normal hair types and do not use too much of the product (a drop the size of a quarter is enough). Make sure to apply the product directly to your scalp and then let it flow to the rest of the hair strands. Doing this will avoid the mistake of washing off the oils from the bottom of your hair strands; the area where the natural oil is needed the most.

After the shampooing procedure you will generally need to use a rise off conditioner, again make sure this is made for normal hair. Keep in mind that when applying the conditioner to your hair; first apply it to the strand ends and then a little bit on your scalp, the reason being that the moisturizing agents in a conditioner can stimulate the scalp to produce excess oil. Rinse your hair with lukewarm if not cold water in order to trap the moisture in your hair. Further maintenance of your hair would include a deep conditioning treatment once every week. This is done by applying a conditioner to the dry parts of your hair and then wrapping it with a towel. Leave the towel on for a couple of hours and then wash your hair well. If you do not want to use a commercially available conditioner, you can use olive oil to do the trick.

answered by G S on 26 Aug 2008, 5:20:25


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