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Home Remedy For Thick Hair

How can i make my hair thick and colourful with the home remedies
(29 Jun 2007)

Hair thickness and colour-

You can massage almond oil every alternate day for thickness of hair. Massage softly and gently by moving fingers over the scalp and the hair within applying medium pressure.

To naturally colour the hair ,Henna leaves are very useful .They can give a dark brown or orange tinge to the hair that looks beautiful.

Prepare a paste of henna powder with coffee in 5:1 proportion with water.Apply this paste on the scalp at night and cover the head and hair with a long scarf .Then wash the hair with any good shampoo in the morning.

One can put saffron paint on hair every 3rd day for colouring them.

answered by D M Z K on 29 Aug 2007, 12:41:13


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