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Hair highlighting for curly and brownish hair

I have curly shoulder length hair, blue eyes, round face, fair skin tone and dark brown hair with some natural highlights. What is the best hair color for me?
( 8 Sep 2009)

First of all, congratulations on starting high school! We all understand how important a new look can be for that special first day, so let's started right off. To select the perfect hair color, you need to look into many factors, staring with skin tone. Luckily, your fair skin tone can easily carry off just about any color, from ash blonde to flaming red. However, try to avoid red shades if you have a tendency to turn pink. Since you already have dark brown hair, you can try out lightening it to a golden, caramel shade. This will compliment your face and make it glow!

Many people also choose a shade that can bring out their eye color. In your case, a classic combination is light blonde, which matches perfectly with blue eyes. However, since you naturally have dark brown hair, the contrast may be too great. You can choose a darker honey blonde shade that will also compliment your eyes. Keep a darker shade under the outer layer, which will add depth and mystery to the hair. You might also want to take a look at your wardrobe. If you have any favorite colors, you want to make sure your new hair color does not clash with them! For example, if your clothes have shades of fuscia, black, blue, or bright green, you may want to consider 'cool tones' such as ash brown, burgundy, or even jet black.

If you love to experiment, why not try some temporary colors? These can allow you to try out different shades, check out everyone's reactions, and then make a final decision. Remember to consult with your stylist before making any firm decision; she is the expert and can help make the right choice. Avoid selecting a color just by looking at a picture of a model or a color chart. The same color may look very different on you! It is a good idea to request the stylist to test any color on a couple of strands to see what the final result will look like. Also, insist on the usage of a good quality product; it may cost a couple of dollars more, but the results will be better and the risk of hair damage much lower! You should also find out how difficult the maintenance will be, since certain shades require regular trims and visits to the salon to keep everything looking just fine. The stylist will also guide you on the hair products you can use without damaging your hot new look.

answered by G S on 8 Sep 2009, 12:55:42


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