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Using natural skin toner for tightening the pores. Skin toning for dry and oily skin care. Homemade skin toners for face cleaning

Why a skin toner should be used and when it should be used?
( 8 Sep 2009)

A skin toner forms an important part of skin care. It is used to clean the skin by removing the dirt from the pores. It is also effective in shrinking enlarged pores and making them tighter. Toners are usually applied to the skin using a cotton ball. There are some which can also be sprayed on to the skin. Still others can be used in the form of a face mask, whereby toner is applied to a gauze piece, which is then used to cover the face. Once the toner is dried, moisturizer can be applied to the skin.

There are various types of toners that are available today. Skin fresheners contain a negligible amount of alcohol and are the mildest. They also contain humectants which retain moisture in the skin's upper layers and prevent evaporation from taking place. Such toners are especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. Skin tonics contain more alcohol and can be used for oily, combination or normal skin types. Astringents contain a high level of alcohol and as such are quite strong. They also consist of antiseptic substances. These are recommended for oily skin as they tend to have a drying effect on the skin. Witch hazel is one such astringent. It must be noted, that such strong toners can cause the skin to produce more oil in order to make up for the drying effect that the toners have. As such it is advisable to apply the astringent only on the problem areas of the skin.

There are many different types of toners that are easily available in the market. However, you can also try making your own toner at home using simple ingredients. Cucumber juice is known to be an effective natural toner for tightening the pores and skin. You can grate a cucumber, extract the juice from it and then apply to the skin. Egg whites can also be applied to the skin for about fifteen minutes for a toning effect. Rosewater is an excellent natural toner which is very mild on the skin. An herbal toner can be made using lavender, orange flower, elderflower and rose water. An infusion of these can be made and stored in the refrigerator for regular use. Lemon works well as an astringent and it is effective in shrinking the pores. A nourishing toner can be made using an egg, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of milk. Mix the ingredients well and then apply on the face and neck. After leaving it on for thirty minutes, you can rinse with cool water.

answered by G S on 8 Sep 2009, 12:55:43


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