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Henna benefits hair by providing coolness to the scalp and acts as a excellent natural hair conditioner

How many times in a month one should apply henna on hair?
( 4 Sep 2009)

The general use of henna on hair has a purpose. The purpose for applying henna is to deeply condition your hair, making it silky and soft. Henna is a natural conditioner that will leave your hair deeply nourished and will also make it beautiful. In some cases, depending upon what type of henna you are using, it will also manage to color your hair. This hair color is temporary, but it does last for about a couple of months or sometimes even more. How long this color lasts would depend upon the number of times your hair is washed out and the regular wear and tear of hair color. You need to determine the reason for using henna on your hair. If you are using it for the purpose of hair conditioning, then about once in two months is sufficient. If you are using it for the purpose of coloring, then you can leave a second application till the color fades, or begins to look washed out. It is wiser and better to dye your roots repeatedly rather than applying henna all over your hair. Once the roots begin to show, you can also stop using this application.

The other thing that people generally tend to not know about henna is that it is an herb that provides innate coolness to your scalp. If you are a person with a propensity to catch a cold or a head cold, then you should exercise extreme caution while applying henna to your hair. Excessive application can cause you to catch a head cold, particularly since the henna would have to be left in your hair for a good couple of hours at least. Be extremely careful and exercise extreme caution. In any and all cases, you should always avoid using henna more than once in one month. It is certainly inadvisable to use it several times in a month, as this could cause your hair to become rough over time as well as brittle. Excessive usage of any hair care product is not a good idea and may always tend to backfire. If you need to condition your hair more regularly, then you can always use hair oil instead of henna. This is a far easier method to condition your hair than to always repeat henna applications. If you need to use henna to dye your hair, then you can always do root touch ups.

answered by G S on 4 Sep 2009, 3:09:50


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