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Lime and crushed almond for the treatment of pigmentation of skin

I have pigmentation on upper lips, cheeks and nose. I think because of birth control pills. I am 36 years old with a daughter 10 years and is not because of pregnancy.
( 4 Sep 2009)

The first thing you need to do is determine the reason for these marks of pigmentation. You are assuming that these marks are appearing due to usage of birth control pills, but this need not necessarily be true. There could be a totally different and unrelated reason for this to happen. Only a doctor who can examine you personally will be able to decide upon an accurate diagnosis. In any case, you should try and lighten the marks that have deepened or darkened the color of your skin from only a part of the face. One of the best remedial measures is also a preventive one. You should make it a rule to always apply a layer of sun screen lotion on your face. This alone will help to reduce the darkness, as the sun always makes its presence felt on the skin. Most of the time, this is hardly even realized, but it is true nevertheless. Use a lotion that is grease free so that you do not sweat constantly, and make sure that it has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30m, as anything less will not really be useful or even too effective.

You should make a paste with lime juice, and soaked and crushed almond. Apply this to your face every night before going to bed. Let it stay for about 10 minutes or till it dries, and then brush it off. Go to sleep without washing it off for good results. This will gradually lessen the discoloration on your face. Make sure you apply this only to the dark parts and not all over. It will tend to reduce darkness wherever it is applied. You can also make a mixture of one tablespoon each of fresh yogurt, honey and hydrogen peroxide and apply this as a face pack about once a week. This will enable to worst of the dark patches to be removed from your skin quite effectively. Make sure that you do not go out in the sun after applying this to your face, as the hydrogen peroxide will make your skin darker if exposed to the sun immediately after application. You should not wash your face with soap for at least three hours after removing this application. And make sure you do not keep it on for more than 10 minutes. Wash with tepid water and pat dry rather than rubbing.

answered by G S on 4 Sep 2009, 3:09:50


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