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Advice on hair serum

I am using Dove hair serum (live in) regularly i.e., twice a week, after wash. Can I continue using it in future too?
(10 Apr 2008)

Benefits and Side effects of Hair Serum

Although there are no known adverse effects of using hair serum, you can keep a few caveats in mind when you do use it. Hair serum is especially good for those with frizzy, dry hair that has a lot of body. The serum helps to slick the hair down and make it more manageable. Those who have fine, thin hair best avoid using excessive amounts of this product. This is because it has a tendency to weigh the hair down and give it a scanty appearance.

The best way to apply the serum is to apply a small coin-sized amount to damp hair. Do not work it into the roots. Instead start applying it from the middle to the ends of the hair. This makes sure that you don't end up with hair that looks greasy and lifeless. Apply it to hair that has been washed and avoid reapplying over previous applications.
Hair serum is very good if you use the blow drier, or any kinds of ironing treatments, extensively. It protects the hair against heat damage. Also hair that has a dull, lank look can get a shiny, soft glow from the proper application of a hair serum.
answered by G D on 10 Apr 2008, 4:22:30


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