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Advice on hair Straightener

I found a straightener that actually straightens my hair. When the lady at the store straightened it she got all the volume out of it and it layed flat. I got home and straightening but it still goes down like a pyramid.
(10 Apr 2008)

Information on Straightening Hair

It is not clear exactly what you are trying to say, but the gist of it seems to be that your hair has become limp and flat after you straightened it. It is possible that this is only in comparison to the way your hair looked before you got it straightened. Especially if you had particularly curly or frizzy hair earlier, the straightened hair will certainly look quite flat in contrast. Curly hair naturally has more volume than straight hair. Also, after any treatment, hair takes at least a couple of days to settle, so perhaps you should see how your hair looks after a week, when it has settled and you yourself are more used to it. Now that your hair is straight, perhaps you also need a different haircut, so consider taking a haircut that will give you more volume.

You can also condition your hair using egg yolk to give it more bounce and shine. Gently massage the yolk into your scalp and hair at least five minutes before you wash your hair using your regular shampoo. If you use conditioner, try reducing the frequency or entirely doing without it. Now that your hair is straight, you may not need to condition it so often, or you many need a different conditioner.
answered by G D on 10 Apr 2008, 12:09:56


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