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Get long flowing hair by applying mixture of egg yolk and egg white on hair. This helps to make hair longer and shiny

My hair is not shiny and is always curly. I want shiny and wavy hair.
(22 Jul 2009)

In a day and age, where almost every time you put on the television, you will see some beautiful women with long, luscious and flowing hair, it is increasingly easy to be intimidated by the quality of perfection with which some people have been able to maintain their hair. A lot of people seem inspired by this and spend lavishly on a number of varying hair care products that are all advertised to be the miracle cure to gorgeous looking hair. However, most of the products that you buy will have no effect, while some others may even damage your hair even further. The fact of the matter is that our hair reacts very differently from one person to another when using the same product. This is the main reason that natural home remedies are growing in popularity as, the natural properties of home remedies, pose no serious repercussions to your hair. Before you try getting your hair to look wavy, your priority is to make sure that it gets adequately nourished and starts to shine. You can accomplish this in the comfort of your own home by massaging your hair with natural essential oils such as that of sunflower oil, castor oil, coconut oil or even olive oil. You can also create your own cocktail of these oils and massage thoroughly into your scalp to reap the advantages of all of them simultaneously. You could also try separating egg white from the yoke and whipping it thoroughly. Add a tablespoon of water to the separated egg yoke and whip it until it forms a creamy mixture. Mix both, egg yoke as well as the egg white, together and, using your finger tips, apply the mixture to your hair. Before doing this, however, you will need to ensure that you remove any excess moisture from your hair. Once done, rinse your hair with cold water. In order to make your hair wavier, you should grow it as long as possible. This will cause the hair to become heavier, thereby making it harder for the hair to curl. This will leave your hair looking naturally wavy. If you stop the use of shampoo and start to wash your hair solely with conditioner, the hair will start to become smoother and less frizzy. You could also choose to purchase some of the easily available anti-frizz serums that should be applied to your hair when dry. Applying this to your hair when you do not have time to set it properly will prevent the growth of frizzy hair.

answered by G B on 22 Jul 2009, 4:23:24


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