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Warm oil massage to stop hair fall and reduce dandruff problem

I am a 13 year old girl having hair fall and dandruff problems from now. How do I treat them and make hair silky, strong, thick and straight naturally?
(16 Jul 2009)

You are entering a vibrant phase of your life. And here you are, beset with dandruff and hair fall, a sure hindrance to how you feel and look. You need not fret as there are many ways in which you can deal with this problem.

You could be experiencing these problems due to various reasons. Dandruff is caused by poor nutrition and an excessive intake of junk and oily food. It could be due to a deficiency of zinc, fungus and yeast infections, or high use of alkaline soaps and shampoos. It generally spreads through the use of common towels, combs, soaps, and hairbrushes.

Hair fall could also occur due to wearing tight braids or pony tails. If the hair band is of poor quality, it could cause breakage. An unbalanced diet with fewer nutrients could be the reason. Hair growth is stimulated mainly by nutrients supplied through the blood stream. A mix up in hormone production can be another reason for hair fall.

You can get rid of dandruff by using various home remedies. You can massage warm oil and wrap a hot damp towel on your head for a few minutes, before washing it with a herbal shampoo. You can also make your herbal oil at home.

Heat a cup or 200 ml of coconut oil and turn off the heat when it starts to boil. Add a little dried lemon peels, 20 gm of pepper corns, a teaspoon of cumin seeds, and a few cloves of garlic. Allow them to soak for 8-10 days. Use this oil to massage your head every day before washing your hair. Use circular movements to massage as they stimulate blood circulation, clear dandruff, and also cool the body. Try using one teaspoon of lime before the last rinse while washing your hair. This will keep your hair glowing and also prevent dandruff. Yogurt is another good remedy for dandruff. You may keep a small quantity for fermentation for 2-3 days. Apply this fermented yogurt to your scalp and hair. Dry it for one hour and wash it off.

For silky and strong hair you can try a mix of 1tsp of fenugreek seed powder in yogurt, apply it on your hair, and wash off after half an hour. The most important secret to beautiful hair is to brush your hair gently to avoid breakage. Never brush wet hair for the hair is weak when wet. Let your hair dry naturally. Never use harsh shampoos, use good herbal shampoos instead. Massage your scalp with warm oil to increase blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

answered by G D on 16 Jul 2009, 6:12:47


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