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Strong hair growth can be achieved by having a good skin care diet and routine

I am 21 and having very silky hair. I started using gel but now suffering from hair fall. Please tell how I can make hair heavy and healthy.
( 2 Jul 2009)

Hair loss at any age is a very distressing experience. Even more so if it is premature as it is generally considered a sign of gaining. Pollution is rarely a prime cause in sudden hair loss and it is most often attributed to a number of other factors. Factors like recovering from a serious operation or a recent bout of an illness can all be the primary cause of hair loss. Today's world is also a very stressful place to live in and any stress that you might have could have an effect on the cells in the scalp which may tend to suffocate the hair follicles and prevent them from getting the nutrition it requires. Even if you follow a healthy diet stress can be the main reason why most of those nutrients and vitamins are not reaching your hair and causing it to die and eventually fall off. Another very real reason is the possibility of a thyroid condition. While you may seem and feel healthy, there is a possibility that the sudden hair loss is a symptom of an abnormal balance of the hormones secreted by the thyroid gland. Out of the 27 million people in the United States of America that suffer from thyroid problems, only half of them know hat they have it. To simply make sure that this is not the underlying cause of the condition, you should visit a licensed doctor for a medical check up. Sudden hair loss is a common symptom for a number of underlying conditions and you would not be able to effectively remedy the situation unless you identify the underlying cause. A general check up by a licensed doctor may be unavoidable in this situation. Once we identify the exact cause, we can treat the root condition which will, in turn, restore your hair growth back to normal.

To keep your hair healthy and heavier, try regularly using hot oil treatments on it. Hot oil treatments help repair damaged hair and are well known for their knock on effects with hair growth. If your hair is naturally oily, try shampooing your hair daily to avoid the greasy or stringy look. The application of coconut milk on the scalp and massaging it into the roots has been known to be very effective in treating hair loss. The coconut milk also has a very soothing effect and will help considerably when massaged onto the scalp, if the hair loss has been brought on by stress.

answered by G S on 2 Jul 2009, 7:06:33


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