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Control oily skin problem using skin care tips and natural homemade measures

I am 20 years girl having oily skin. How to take care of oily skin completely.
( 2 Jul 2009)

Oily skin can be quite a disturbing condition. Not only does it make a person feel extremely uncomfortable and sticky throughout the day, it also makes the skin look very dull and unhealthy. Oily skin also has the knack of collecting a lot of dust very rapidly from the polluted atmosphere we have today. The collection of dust and dirt can very quickly mix with the oil and appear to be grime. Oily skin is a direct result of over stimulation of the sebaceous glands. These glands produce natural oil called sebum which helps in the protection of the outer layers of the skin. The oil is also essential as it prevents the skin from aging and wrinkling. When an excess amount of oil is produced, the same amount is deployed onto the upper layers of the skin causing it to look oily. Not only does oily skin look bad, it can also lead to complications of the skin like blackheads as a result of clogged pores; or even a buildup of dead skin cells.

The root cause of the over production of sebum could be attributed to a number of factors including an imbalance in the hormones such as during the time of menstruation, use of birth control pills or even during a pregnancy and menopause and most importantly; improper skin care. The real trick in correcting the condition is to remove the excess sebum without causing the skin to dry up. If you remove too much of the oil, it would only stimulate the sebaceous glands to create even more of the oil to make up for the loss. Whenever you wash your face, avoid the use of soap more than twice a day as this tends to rob the skin of its natural oils. You should also avoid the use of any alcohol based astringents which will, again, cause the skin to become excessively dry. In case you go outdoors make sure that any sun screen you use does not have an oily base. Since you have oily skin, avoid the use of moisturizers on a daily basis as this will only serve to increase the oil content of your skin. Your diet is also an important part of your treatment and it is vital that you avoid any processed food, starch or even sugar as they all aggravate oily skin. Make sure you follow natural skin care habits and have a lot of fluids and water throughout the course of the day as this will allow you to sweat excessively. The sweat will also get diluted allowing it to evaporate faster rather than stick to your skin.

answered by G S on 2 Jul 2009, 7:06:33


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