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Hair care and hair loss remedies

How to take care of hair after a wash. Is it possible to regrow hair? If yes then what is the easy way to do so.
(18 Apr 2008)

Alternative Care for Hair

Taking care of hair depends on the type of your hair, hairstyle and your lifestyle. One of the most important cares for hair is to treat it gently when it is wet. The wet hair can stretch and using a hot blow dryer on such hair can damage it. Therefore, you should be always careful while drying your hair. Many people wash their hair once a day and treat it gently, so they do not face any hair problem. As long as a person treats his or her hair gently when it is wet, a regular washing also cannot damage it. If you want to wash your hair once a day, it is better to use a mild shampoo. If your hair is dry, then do not wash it regularly. People who have curly and dry hair should be more cautious about their hair while using heat styling products. The external layer of each hair is called the cuticle. If this cuticle becomes broken and dry, the hair is lifeless, so you will have to take care of your hair to keep it soft, healthy and shiny. It is better if you brush your hair gently before shampooing. The brush bristles should be of plastic or nylon and should have smooth shafts.
answered by P W on 22 May 2008, 12:51:02


Home cures for hair care 

Taking care of hair after washing it is a very simple procedure. You must follow the same rules regularly, which will always be very beneficial to your hair. Do not wipe your hair roughly with scrubbing motions. Drape it in a towel and leave it for some time to catch the excess of drip, and then gently fluff it out with a towel. It is always the best option to let your hair drip dry, rather than use dryers or curling irons on it, as these will tend to weaken hair strands if used regularly. You can finger comb your wet hair. Remember never to use a comb or a brush on wet hair, as this will result in unnecessary hair breakage. You can comb out the tangles and knots once your hair is dry and easier to manage.

Although it is not unknown, it is certainly very difficult to grow hair once it has stopped growing from the root. One of the most effective remedies to grow new hair is to apply onion juice to it. This is considered to be almost magical in its properties of regrowing hair. You can make a rinse of fenugreek seeds soaked in distilled water for 24 hours, and then use the water fro a rinse the next day. This will have to be done everyday for a good three months before it can show you results, however.

answered by G D on 20 Apr 2008, 11:12:04


Hair care and hair loss remedies 

It is very important to keep your scalp clean and your hair conditioned and well moisturised in order to have shiny, healthy hair. Wash your hair regularly - infact it is better to wash it daily and lather just once, rather than wash it infrequently and lather several times.

After washing your hair, wrap it in a towel and squeeze out the moisture. Never rub it hard to dry the hair. If you must, rub it gently since rubbing over vigorously can cause it to break and lead to damaged ends. Opt for a wide-toothed comb to untangle your hair. Avoid using a brush in wet hair since this can pull out your hair. Avoid using a hair dryer as far as possible. Let your hair dry out naturally to retain the natural moisture. When you use a hair dryer, don't use it on maximum heat and stop before the hair has completely dried.

It is possible to stimulate hair growth as long as the hair follicle is not dead. However if left untended for long and the hair follicle has withered and died, then it is normally not possible to regrow that hair. If your hair loss is permanent, caused due to genetic reasons, stress, illness, old age, hormonal imbalances or even chemotherapy, then preventive measure can only delay the inevitable. Consult a specialist if your hair loss and/or bald patch are very alarming. Sometimes is can be due to malnutrition, so ensure you follow a balanced diet rich in Vitamin B and E as well as folic acid. Avoid using harsh, chemical products on your hair and take care of your hair by regularly applying oil and keeping it clean. A very popular way to manage bald patches is hair pieces that are fixed into your existing hair by weaving. Apart from this transplantation is becoming an increasingly popular option.

answered by G S on 18 Apr 2008, 6:05:04


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