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Preventing hair whitening by rubbing gooseberry on the scalp helps to stop hair graying

I am 24 years old with grey hair all over my head. Kindly give homemade recipes to change grey hair to black and give tips to prevent grey hair.
( 2 Jun 2009)

Our hair starts to turn gray when the hair follicle stops producing the color producing pigment, melanin. It is a gradual process. Premature graying of hair is mainly because heredity, improper diet; lack of vitamin B and iron, and stress; emotional and mental. Other factors could also be smoking excessively, unclean scalp, excessive use of blow dryers and dyes and washing your hair extensively with hot water.

It is very difficult to reverse gray hair completely. You can only take care of them cosmetically, or prevent further growth. There are a few home remedies that could help you. Rubbing gooseberry to your scalp regularly is said to do wonders for your hair. This remedy has the highest chance of turning grey hair into black. You should also have a lot of buttermilk with two tablespoons of yeast and wheat germ to prevent further graying of hair. Try massaging your hair everyday with coconut or almond oil mixed with lemon juice. Apple cider vinegar is also very effective in keeping your hair clean. You could take some of it and massage your hair before shampooing, this would help to control the dandruff and keep your hair clean. You could also massage your scalp with a mixture of strong black tea and a tablespoon of salt. Keep this solution for an hour and then wash. Eating one spoon of grated ginger mixed with honey everyday is also very beneficial. Reconsider your diet. It is very important to eat food that is rich in iron and iodine such as bananas, fish and carrots. Include a lot of green leafy vegetables, fruits and milk to your diet. Try to avoid foods that contain flour and refined sugar. These are known to quicken the process of graying. One of the most common ways to deal with graying would be by coloring your hair. As you are quite young and your wedding is fast approaching, you could ask your hair stylist for recommendations so as to hide the grey hairs effectively.

Premature graying could also be a sign of some kind of deficiencies in your body. Our hair quality says a lot about our health in general. Humidity levels, temperature, and pollution levels are all environmental factors that would strongly affect your hair. In the same way, internal factors like stress, grief, anxiety, and diseases also have a way to show through our hair and skin. Stress creates an imbalance of melanin production in our body. Getting sufficient amount of sleep is also very essential to prevent grey hair.

answered by G S on 2 Jun 2009, 11:24:21


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