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Treatment for pigmentation using bleaching agents like lime juice and potatoes

My age is 24 and I am facing the pigmentation problem from past 10years. The dark sports are only on face that too on cheeks.
( 2 Jun 2009)

In pigmentation problems, there are two kinds of patches; darker patches known as melasma and lighter patches known as decolorations. Our skin produces a pigment, melanocyte, which gives us color. The level in the production of melanocytes determines the color of the patch. As you have dark patches, it means that those areas produce excess melanocytes, whereas, areas which have lighter patches indicate less or non-active melanocytes. These are usually caused by internal or external factors. Internal factors would include hormonal changes and vitamin deficiencies and external factors include the harsh sunrays, products that aggravate the skin and oral medications. Pigmentation on your cheeks is mainly due to over exposure of melanocytes to the rays of the sun.

Treating pigmentation successfully usually depends upon how long you have had the patches. Since you've had it for about ten years it might take a lot longer to treat it. Firstly, you should drink a lot of water, as it would help you detoxify and also help in the development of new skin. Applying limejuice to your cheeks is highly effective as lime is natural bleach. Another good method would be applying potatoes. Potatoes are mild bleaching agents. You need to squeeze the juice of a raw potato and apply it to the patches. You will notice a lightening of the patches within a week. You could also apply a mixture of honey, lemon juice, milk powder and almond oil. Store this paste in the refrigerator. Applying this for about twenty minutes will lighten your skin significantly. To get successful results, it is very important for you to follow a regular routine of whichever method you choose.

To prevent further pigmentation you should use a good sunscreen. Even the slightest of sunrays could make the condition worse. Include a lot leafy vegetables and fruits that contain iron and calcium. Avoid using a lot of cosmetics. Avoid any kind of stress and anxiety. Do not have birth control pills as the hormonal changes in your body could further aggravate the condition. Since you have had these patches for a long time, I would also suggest you visit your dermatologist. It would be safer to consult a doctor at this stage before engaging in any kind of self-treatment. Usually, when it is too late for prevention you have to look for other options. The dermatologist may prescribe tropical steroidal creams or chemical peels. In severe situations, laser treatment could also be used to remove the dark patches.

answered by G S on 2 Jun 2009, 11:24:21


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