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Rejuvenating hair growth by following a good diet and regular hair care regime

My hair is very dry and not growing at all. What shampoo and conditioner can I use? Tell some natural home remedies for growing strong and healthy hair?
(25 May 2009)

There are two things that you need to do in order to get good, lustrous and damage free hair: follow a good diet and have a regular hair care regime.

While there is no way to really increase the rate of hair growth, it can significantly slow down if your hair is not properly nourished all the same. Following a healthy diet will ensure that your hair grows at its optimum rate.

The first step is to start improving your hair from within. While a lot of hair texture and shine lies in genetic factors, there is a significant amount of improvement that can be brought about by good nutrition. Healthy hair is in fact a sign of good health. The first thing that you need to do, is start checking to ensure that you are the optimum weight for your height and gender. The next step is to start eating right by having a protein rich diet that includes a lot of vitamin rich foods. This is possible by eating sea food and adding fish to your diet. If this is not possible then leafy green vegetables and soy that is not overcooked is also a good alternative. Take vitamin supplements as well, to boost any low vitamins that you have. After this step, the focus now shifts to taking care of your hair. You mentioned that your hair is dry so the first thing to do is to bring back the sheen by switching to a mild shampoo and using a conditioner with essential oils. It is important that you apply the conditioner only to your hair and not to your scalp. After conditioning and toweling off, you should also use a hair serum. This provides a mildly oil base and stops any frizzy hair from developing. Following this routine should show immediate results. Once you start out on this regime you might also start noticing different hair at the ends and different hair at the roots indicating the new and rejuvenated growth. This also means that a trim would be essential in order just to maintain an even texture.

Shampooing is also important with regard to dry hair but less from the perspective of hair and more from the perspective of the scalp. This is because the scalp is the area from which the body's natural oils are secreted and sent to ends of the hair strands. When you are shampooing you must ensure that you eradicate all the dirt on your scalp and to this effect, if you feel it necessary, increase the frequency of shampooing. However, ensure that you are not losing too many strands because of the increase in washes.

answered by G B on 25 May 2009, 2:00:24


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