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Reducing effects of pregnancy related stretch marks using creams containing vitamin E, collagen elastin extracts

Can you get rid of stretch marks?
(20 May 2009)

Stretch marks are caused when a layer of the skin called the dermis tears due to factors including rapid growth, obesity, and hormonal dynamics. These marks look like ripples in the skin and are caused by the lack of elastin fibers that accommodate new growth. Stretch marks occur during puberty when there is a new spurt of growth that occurs physically and hormonally, as well as during pregnancy. There is no treatment for stretch marks and they never completely disappear but there are some treatments to reduce the effect of stretch marks.

The most likely places for occurrence of stretch marks are on the abdominal area, hips, breasts, upper and underarms, thighs and buttocks. Coincidentally, these are also areas which have a high concentration of fat, since these are the areas where fat reserves are stored. The only way to prevent stretch marks for a person who is not undergoing pregnancy is to control one's diet. It more than helps to keep away from sudden, massive intakes of fatty foods. Alternately, a balanced diet ensures that the hormonal balance that is required to ensure proper stretching of the dermis is maintained. In order to prevent stretch marks it is important to spot these early by regularly inspecting the skin all over your body, especially in the stretch mark-prone zones.

In most cases the condition of the dermis tearing is not a dangerous circumstance and does not hamper normal skin functions or the ability to repair itself. However, once a stretch mark appears, the person would probably have that mark for life, though its visual prominence would tend to fade over time. The most effective treatment for stretch marks lies in laser therapy. There are no definitive conclusions from studies conducted that prove the effectiveness of creams or lotions to help reverse the effects - though some studies have shown creams containing vitamin E, collagen-elastin extracts have some effect in reducing the occurrence of stretch marks when used during pregnancy. However, these are more preventative and not curative measures.

Anybody who notices the onset of stretch marks should first immediately regulate their diet to avoid aggravating the condition. In furtherance, a visit to a local dermatologist would be required if the condition is too visible and hampers your everyday life. Over time, the best way to live with these marks would be to ensure that you have an even tan over this area to ensure the appearance of uniform skin. Losing weight in these areas in a controlled manner also helps alleviate this condition moderately.

answered by G S on 20 May 2009, 3:20:34


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