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Apply oxidizing agent like peroxide for whitening the teeth. Visiting dentist for preventing teeth discoloration

I brush my teeth every day but the still look yellow what can I do to make them white?
(19 May 2009)

Teeth, like any other part of your body age with time, with visible changes to their composition. In the normal course of human life, you will notice that your teeth become yellow and depending on your lifestyle, could even become brown - as in the case of people who nurtured smoking as a habit for a long period of time. The good news is that with the improvement of dentistry over the years some of the measure to combat teeth discoloration are available now and can be performed at home.

To return teeth to as close to their pristine white condition as possible requires oxidizing some of the accumulated chemicals that are stuck in the enamel of the teeth. In dentistry, this process is called dental bleaching. The basic method used is to apply an oxidizing agent like peroxide over the affected area. The peroxide seeps into the microscopic rod like foundations of the enamel and oxides any material deposits that cause the discoloration. Further bleaching overtime will also allow bleaching the dentine, which should give you a full set of bright white teeth.

There are many teeth whitening products that are available over the counter today that does this very task but they are usually only effective after prolonged use. Mouth guards, which have to be worn over the teeth for a period of time after applying the oxidizing agent, sometimes don't fit the teeth properly and you could end up with only a partial and incomplete bleaching.

In contrast against this, the most effective way to get shiny pearly whites is to still visit your dentist. The reason for this is that the dentist usually has more tools to his or her disposal that you and I cannot use. Also, though the oxidizing agent used in a do-it-yourself kit is fundamentally the same as what the dentist uses, the concentrations are substantially different due to the effect that these oxidizing agents can have on the surrounding tissues and gums.

As a home remedy some cultures use certain abrasives when brushing like salt, but this can be a slightly unpleasant experience while brushing. The fastest way to get yellow stained teeth white is to go to your local dentist but if you have the patience, then the use-at-home dental whitening kits are the best alternative. Another aspect to consider is the deposits of tartar that have accumulated on your gums. To remove these deposits, you would have to visit the dentist.

answered by G S on 19 May 2009, 7:41:07


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