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Applying diluted drop of honey is an excellent method for relief from red sore itchy eyes

I have red sore eyes which itch and are quite sore.
(20 May 2009)

If you are in a country where the flowers bloom in spring and it is spring at this time of the year, you should be able to tell whether this is a sign of seasonal allergies. The symptom you have described so simply is one of the first signs of seasonal allergies. To be very specific, if there are flowers blooming and fresh green grass growing all around you, this is the first sign of seasonal pollen allergies. The first thing you should know is that this is one of the commonest ailments that can afflict you if you are indeed in this situation. The next thing you need to know is that there is very little that you can actually do about it if you have seasonal allergies. In order to understand why, you should understand how the problem of allergies works. To start with, it is good to be aware that the itchy eyes and watering nose are indicative of a healthy and strong immune system. There is a foreign object in the air, which is affecting your eyes and sometimes, also your respiratory system. Your immune system gears up to battle this intrusion and reacts by sending out water from your eyes and nose and so on. This manifestation is commonly referred to as seasonal allergies. You need to consult with a general family physician and get yourself some prescribed medication to prevent this from happening. Please understand that there is no real "cure" for seasonal allergies, as there is no recordable reason why they occur. These cases actually differ from person to person.

One of the commonly prescribed remedial measures that can be employed at home for relief from itchy eyes is that they should be washed with cold water. This will help with providing cooling, soothing relief from the itching and will also help to bring down the inflammation. Another excellent method for relief is to apply a drop of diluted honey to each eye. You are warned that this could be painful as well as unpleasant. But the results will be really good, even though they will take a couple of days to show. You should also try and rest your eyes as much as possible. It is essential that you do not give in to the urge to itch and scratch your eyes as this will only worsen your situation. If the itching is unbearable, splash your eyes with cold water to control the irritation.

answered by G S on 20 May 2009, 3:20:34


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