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Hair care home remedies

Tips to take care of oily hair and skin and how to grow long and lustrous hair
(18 Apr 2008)

Alternative Treatment for Oily Hair and Skin

You should use the specially formulated shampoos for oily skin and hair. They contain special cleansers which deep clean the scalp and skin. While applying these shampoos you should keep them on the head for sometime. Also, massage the scalp thoroughly while applying this shampoo.

If the hair becomes oily within a few hours, you may wash your hair with that shampoo twice a day.

The conditioners should be avoided as most of them contain oil. Instead, oil-free products also are used for conditioning hair, which you can try. Moreover, take care to apply them on the hair tips only.

These days, shampoos, which contain detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate, are available in the market. They reduce the natural secretion of oil from the skin and scalp. They can be used on some special day when you do not want the hair and skin to be oily. However, note that do not use them very often.

Apart from these hair care products, you also need to use the skin care products for reducing oil from your skin. Therefore, wash your face with good cleansers for oily skin, and warm water. The strong soaps, which also have strong fragrance, should be avoided.
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Natural Hair Care Methods

There are some simple home remedies you can follow to take care of oily hair. Start with massaging your scalp with a mix of a cup of yogurt and a tablespoon of lime juice and leave this in your hair for about an hour before washing. This will remove any excessive oiliness from your hair quite effectively. You can also make a mix of a cup of yogurt and two tablespoons of gram flour and apply this to your hair as well as your face. Leave it on in your hair for a couple of hours before washing. Let it remain on your face till it dries and then rub it off with your hands. This will ensure that both your scalp and face are not oily.

You must make it a practice to wash your hair every other day. Use a mild shampoo that is specifically meant for oily hair. This will not rob the scalp of its natural moisture. If you make it a habit to apply warm coconut or castor oil to your hair and scalp before you wash your face, this will also ensure that you have lustrous, long and strong hair. In order to have long hair, it is also essential that you increase your intake of folic acid, which will show a dramatic increase in the growth of your hair. You can eat a lot of sprouts and take supplements if you so wish.

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Hair care home remedies 

Oily hair and skin is a normal occurrence and can be easily taken care of. The reasons for oily skin vary, from being hereditary, a hormonal imbalance, to sometimes using the wrong type or too much of cosmetics, which has a cumulative effect.
Let's start first with oily hair. In order to prevent your hair from becoming too oily, take tea and lemon juice, mix them up into a solution and rinse your hair with it. This helps get rid of the greasiness without affecting the pH balance of your hair or drying it up completely. You could also try a soap nut remedy. Soak some dry soap nuts over night and mash it the next morning, strain the solution and wash your hair with it.

For dry skin, the use of olive oil as a moisturizer has been around for a long time. All you have is take the olive oil and massage it into the dry skin. You can also use it to exfoliate your skin by mixing one part oil with two parts of brown sugar and rubbing it gently into the skin before a bath. Banana can also be used to moisture your dry skin. Mash the fruit and apply it to your skin for ten minutes, the ingredients of the fruit help soothe and hydrate and your dry skin.

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