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Applying homemade mixture of sandal powder, rose water and lime juice for treating papules

I have a red papule on my right thigh. The portion around is edematous, hard and also reddish. Please provide a home remedy.
(19 May 2009)

The most important information that can be made available to you about papules is that they can rarely be gotten rid of at home. These are a kind of skin extension that requires a dedicated form of medical treatment to completely remove. Try not to neglect this for long, as there would be unpleasant side effects if you do that. Also, you need to know that papules are very stubborn and can hang around for years if you neglect them. While it is not normal for them to grow, it is not something that can be discounted either. Some people have acne related papules. This is possibly easy to control with home based remedies, but you should preferably first get a positive diagnosis about whether they are of this type or not. Out of the things you can do are simply home based remedies that can be employed to make sure you get some sort of relief from the problem. To start with, you can apply a paste made with sandalwood powder and rose water to which a few drops of lime juice have been added and apply this to your papules. This will be a very effective remedy in not only providing relief, but it may also help you to remove the papule over a period of time. You should also apply olive oil to your hardened skin around the papule for excellent results.

Another method that may possibly work on you is to dab on a diluted mix of tea tree oil and olive oil. Since tea tree oil is an extremely strong substance, it needs to be applied with an equal parts dilution of olive oil. Otherwise it may burn your skin too. So please be careful while handling and using this product. Another product that may be of use to you is benzoyl peroxide. This is available at the pharmacy, but you would definitely need to consult a doctor or the pharmacist at least as to what proportions you can use this product in. Try not to use it without supervision, or else you may end up damaging your skin. You can also make a paste of clarified butter and turmeric powder and apply this to your papule. This is an almost universal healing mixture that can help to heal almost any external problem quite effectively. Just make sure you are persistent in using this method.

answered by G S on 19 May 2009, 7:41:07


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