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Natural home remedies for treating premature hair graying and tips and vitamin diets for nourishing hair

I am 15 years of age. Can you tell me how to treat white hair?
(20 May 2009)

Gray hair is associated with advancing age, so when people start spotting white hair before they cross a certain age, it causes much alarm. Nobody wants to be mistaken for older than he or she is and thus people resort to various methods to treat premature graying of hair, including coloring their hair to hide the gray hair. There are many simple home remedies that can help to control and prevent premature graying but before you start any treatment it is important to understand the causes of premature graying. Hereditary factors often play a huge role in premature graying of hair, as do lack of hygiene and exposure of hair to harsh hair products, chemical treatment and excessive heat. However the most important reasons for premature graying of hair are excessive mental stress and a diet that is lacking in essential nutrients. It is extremely important to nourish the hair by eating right, since it is a natural extension of the skin and thus directly reflects a lack of healthy lifestyle. The B group vitamins are the most important for preventing premature graying and thus you should try and increase your intake of these vitamins through your diet. Since these vitamins can also be produced in the intestinal tract, you can also increase your intake of yoghurt and yeast to create a favorable environment in the stomach for production of these vitamins. Apart from the B group vitamins, copper, iron and iodine are also important for prevention of premature graying of hair.

In addition to diet, there are several natural treatments that can help to prevent and control premature graying of hair. The most efficient home remedy for premature graying of hair is the use of Indian gooseberry as a hair tonic. Daily consumption of the juice of the fruit of the plant is beneficial for preventing premature graying amongst other hair related problems. You can also mix 1 tsp Indian gooseberry juice with 1 tsp almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice and massage this into your scalp. Leave it on overnight before washing your hair with a mild, herbal based shampoo the next day. Indian gooseberry can also be used to prepare an oil that can be stored and used to massage the scalp the night before you shampoo your hair. You can add the chopped pieces of the fruit, which have been allowed to dry in the shade to some coconut oil and boil the oil till it turns black. This oil can be stored in a bottle and used to massage the scalp regularly before washing your hair. In the same manner you can boil coconut oil with pieces of dried ribbed gourd and use this oil to massage your scalp to effectively control premature graying of hair. Regular consumption of curry leaves is also beneficial for preventing and treating premature graying of hair.

answered by G S on 20 May 2009, 5:09:51


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