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Natural treatment for curled hair

How to untangle tight curly hair
(11 Apr 2008)

Home Remedies for Tangled Hair

Caring for curly hair is more difficult than straight hair. If you want to make a hairstyle on tight curly hair, you have to untangle your hair. Apply hair detangler or oil on your hair. Then try to separate the strands pf your hair with the help of your fingers. Important hair tips are - Avoid using the comb ate first as it will hurt your hair roots. Hold the hair near scalp with one hand in order to avoid pain. Untangle your tight curly hair using another hand. There should not be any pressure on your scalp while untangling your hair. If your hair is long, then you may start from the middle portion. You can try the wide tooth comb and put it through the hair. Once most of your hair are untangled, then comb with a fine-toothed comb. After that, you may wash off the oil. You may use olive oil instead of greasy oil. You should put your hair in a loose ponytail or 2 loose braids to prevent the tangling of curly hair. You need a lot of time and patience to untangle your curly tight hair as it is bit difficult task.
answered by P W on 15 May 2008, 4:19:17


Natural treatment for curled hair 

If you have tight curls, this will make your hair naturally unruly and difficult to handle. You may especially have problems with the combing part of the care process. The best thing for you would be to keep your hair tied for most part. This will simplify matters a great deal. You do not have to tie it up too tightly. Just simple things like going to bed with a loose braid will help you to take better care of your hair. You must also start using a wide tooth comb, rather than a fine one. Fine-tooth combs have a tendency to trap and pull out more hair, so you are better off staying away from them altogether. You must detangle your hair when it is wet, and be very gentle while doing this. There are special detangling combs available in the market for this reason. It would be a good investment to buy one of those. After that, use a hair brush. You must avoid using regular combs altogether.

There are also many detangling sprays that are available over the counter. You can try using one of those. However, it is said that the liquid in these sprays can damage your hair and cause it to thin over a period of time, so you must be careful about that.

answered by G B on 17 Apr 2008, 11:24:02


Home Remedies for Tight Curly Hair

Managing tight curls can be quite a problem, and you should be very careful when doing anything to your hair, including washing it, as it tends to get knotted quite easily, and when hair is wet it is more likely to break. You should also be particularly careful when combing your hair, as the comb tends to get stuck in the knots. Many people force the comb through, which never opens the knots, but instead tightens them and causes the hair to break.

The best way to detangle your hair is to use your fingers. There is no simple or quick way to detangle hair — the only way to do it is to painstaking open up each tangle and knot with your fingers. You can do this whenever you comb your hair, but be sure never to use the comb to detangle your hair. Of course, like combing, detangling should also not be done when the hair is wet. Ideally, you should detangle and comb your hair before you wash it, and then once again after it has dried. Using a conditioner or some other smoothening product will certainly help, as it makes the hair smoother and softer. As a result, hair is less likely to get tangled and knotted, and when it does, it is easier to detangle.
answered by G D on 11 Apr 2008, 2:01:43


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