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It is sufficient that you regularly wash your face if you have normal healthy skin

I have normal skin not too dry or not too oily, suggest me good cleanser and moisturizer and I normally do steam once in a week, should I apply anything after steam.
( 5 May 2009)

We cannot recommend any specific products to you - you will need to find out what products are available in stores around you, and which of these products suit your skin. Since you have normal skin, this should not be too difficult. Oily skin and dry skin tend to be difficult to manage, as it is not easy to find a product that gives your skin the correct balance between oiliness and dryness. With normal skin, on the other hand, any regular, good quality product will work well, as long as it is not overused. In case you find that most cleansers tend to irritate your skin, you should try to find one that is pH balanced. You can also try using a cleanser that includes some moisturizing ingredients if necessary, but for most people, a simple, basic, but good quality cleanser is enough.

Since you have normal skin, you may actually not even need to use a cleanser. For normal, healthy skin, regular washing with a face wash or plain water is enough. You need to ensure that you use a mild, good quality face wash of course. You can wash your face with face wash once or twice a day, and wash a couple of times more with plain water. On the other hand, if you are already used to using a cleanser on your skin, it may not be advisable to change now. Your skin may be used to producing a certain amount of sebum, and switching to a face wash, even a mild face wash, might result in dry skin, or conversely, as your skin tries to compensate for the dryness, it might result in oily skin.

Regarding a moisturizer, once again, you should simply ensure that you are using a good quality product. Since you have normal skin, a basic, simple moisturizer is good enough. A light moisturizing lotion is recommended for normal skin, rather than thick creams which are more suitable for dry skin. Avoid using any moisturizers that make fancy claims - the claimed effects will be either temporary or non existent. Generally, moisturizer should be applied just after washing, when the skin is still damp. This helps the skin to retain the absorbed moisture. However, for normal skin, this is not a strict requirement. You do not need to apply anything after steaming either, but it is advisable to splash a little cool water on your face so as to tighten up the pores again.

answered by G B on 5 May 2009, 1:20:53


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