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There are few chances of getting rid of a dark spot if it is very old

How can I remove dark spot off my face that I got many years ago?
(22 Apr 2009)

If your dark spot is many years old, then the chances of getting rid of it completely are very few. On a general level, getting rid of scars without using invasive methods such as surgeries and laser treatments is very difficult. However, for an old scar, they are almost impossible. You need to know this before you start anything to take care of your scars. You can certainly try a few methods, but their success would totally depend upon how diligent you are about following them on a regular basis. Soak a tablespoon of fresh heavy cream each night to which you have added a few strands of saffron. This can be rubbed well with your finger and applied to your scar the next morning. This is an excellent method to get rid of darkness of the skin. If you use it on a localized area, then you should be aware that it will change the color on only that much skin. Another variation of this method is to add a touch of powdered almonds to this while soaking. This will also help with the lightening and evening out of your scar. Please know beforehand that this will take many months of continuous usage to show you visible results. Do not expect to see results overnight.

Silicone is another method that has shown some amount of success in dealing with scars. This product is a bit expensive and may also not be found easily in applicable form. You may have to hunt for it on the net or even order it online. Depending upon what type of silicone you buy, you would have to follow the methods provided on the packaging for usage. Another excellent method for scar removal is using aloe vera gel. This has been known to work extremely well in lightening even stubbornly dark parts of the skin. However, be very careful with this product. If you apply aloe vera gel and go out in the sun, the effect may be that it will darken your skin some more. The reason for this is that this is a photosynthetic product. This means that it will tend to darken your skin if exposed to the sun. You can also make a mixture of fresh squeezed lime juice, sandalwood and rose water in equal measures and apply this to your scar. This needs to be done at night, and can be washed off once it dries.

answered by G B on 22 Apr 2009, 5:24:49


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