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Identifying cause when troubled with problem of pimples since last 3 months

I am 26 female with oily skin, I have pimple and spot problem from last 3 month, can you please suggest me the way how can I solve it naturally without going to any doctor.
(22 Apr 2009)

If you have been troubled with the problem of pimples and resultant spots for the last three months, then you should first try and identify why this is happening. Pimples can suddenly occur due to a large range of reasons. It could be a change in the soap of shampoo that you are using which does not suit you. It could also be some sort of cream or lotion you are using that does not suit you. Sometimes, stress is also a cause of bad skin. Basically, if you are stressed, you may not be able to sleep well and properly. This can lead to skin problems such as infrequent pimples. Once you have managed to zero in on the root cause of the problem, you can go about resolving it better. Otherwise, you can take steps to get rid of your pimples and the marks they leave behind, but there can be no certainty that this will not recur. The difference between resolving the root cause of any problem and handling the external symptoms and manifestations is that the former method will get you rid of the problem, while the latter will simply cure the symptoms momentarily.

To remove pimples, you need to have clean and clear skin. This can happen if you eat food that is low in oils, fats and chemical preservatives and rich in fiber and goodness. Add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet to ensure that you get your supply of fresh and fibrous food. You should try to avoid fried food and preserved or canned food, as this will just add chemicals to your diet. Apart from this, you should make it a point to drink at least 4 to 6 liters of water everyday. This is not an easy feat, and it may take you some time to get around to the target. Start your mornings with a glass of warm water to which a teaspoon of honey and a lime quarter has been squeezed in. this is a good way to clear your skin as it will clear out your system first thing in the morning. You can make a paste of sandalwood powder and rose water and apply this to your marks to reduce skin discoloration. You can also scrub out your face with a spoon of gram flour to which a bit of fresh yogurt has been added. These two methods will help with the marks.

answered by G B on 22 Apr 2009, 5:24:04


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