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Tips to reduce smelling of hair badly due to sweat just 2 days after shampooing

After 2 to 3 days of shampooing my hair starts smelling very bad because of sweat. Please help, I am a student and do not have enough time to care for my hair!
(20 Apr 2009)

The hair is one of the first things people notice about you and it is important to have a mane of healthy, well-groomed hair in order to make a good impression on anybody. The hair is a natural extension of the body and thus it reflects the condition of the body. Hence it is important to nourish it by following a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle in addition to taking care of it by sticking to a regular hair care routine. If you want to have healthy, luxurious, soft and shiny hair, you should start by ensuring that your hair is not exposed to any harsh chemicals in the form of hair products or hair colors you use. You should always opt for mild hair products with a natural base and as far as possible you should avoid chemical treatments such a coloring, or straightening, among others. You should also try and protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun, wind and pollution by covering your hair with a wide-brimmed hat or scarf when you step out. However it is not enough to merely cover your hair.

You also need to keep it clean by washing it regularly. Ideally you should wash your hair every time it starts getting greasy, but if you do not have the time to do this you should wash it at least twice a week using a mild, natural based shampoo. Alternately if you have long hair and do not have the time to take care of it, you should consider getting a shorter hair-cut that is easier to manage. Before washing your hair you should massage your scalp with some warm coconut oil in order to increase the circulation of blood in your scalp and thus strengthen the hair follicles and improve the health of your hair. You can add a few drops of essential peppermint oil or tea-tree oil to the coconut oil before you massage your scalp. This helps to cool the scalp, reducing perspiration and also gets rid of any bacteria that might have built up in your scalp. After washing your hair you can rinse it with a solution prepared by mixing the juice of 1 lemon in 1 mug of lukewarm water. This helps to get rid of all greasiness and leaves the hair soft and shiny. Another good way to obtain shiny and silky hair is by rinsing your hair with a diluted solution of vinegar after you have shampooed it. For dark hair, a black tea-water rinse after shampooing your hair is recommended to soften the hair and obtain shiny, silky hair. Another remedy that is often recommended to obtain a dandruff free scalp and a healthy, shiny mane of hair is a beer rinse. You can pour a bottle of flat beer into a bucket of warm water and use this water to rinse out the shampoo from your hair. This helps to clean the scalp, treat and prevent dandruff and also leaves the hair shiny and soft.

answered by G B on 20 Apr 2009, 4:31:27


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