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Various causes for having frizzy hair include having curly hair, blow drying hair, extremely coarse and dry hair

How do I get rid of frizzy hair?
(20 Apr 2009)

The kind of hair we have is primarily dictated by hereditary factors. However several external factors can also affect the texture of your hair. If your problem is frizzy hair, it is important to first identify what is making it so frizzy. Very often hair that is extremely coarse and dry tends to be frizzy. Curly hair also has a tendency of being frizzy. Apart from these natural factors, excessive blow-drying of the hair can also make the hair frizzy. Hair that has been colored or bleached and exposed to harsh chemicals and heat treatments to straighten or perm the hair also tends to become frizzy. There are several simple ways to control the frizzy nature of your hair.

It is important to take good care of your hair, by regularly massaging the scalp with warm oil, shampooing and deep-conditioning your hair regularly, especially if you have dry and coarse hair. You should ensure that you massage your scalp with some warm coconut oil, almond oil or jojoba oil and allow it to soak into your scalp for around 1 hour before you wash your hair with a mild shampoo with a natural base. This will help to restore the natural moisture in your hair and tame the frizzy nature. You should also remember to condition your hair each time you wash it, using cold water to rinse out your hair, since this helps to seal the moisture into the hair and thus reduce the frizzy nature of the hair. After washing your hair you should avoid using a hair dryer, allowing your hair to dry naturally after you squeeze out the excess moisture. If you have to use the hair dryer, remember to use it methodically; run it down the strands in one direction. Moving the hair dyer rapidly and moving it up and down makes the cuticles break and dry hair appear frizzier. You should also avoid brushing your hair too often, and use either a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to de-tangle your hair especially when it is wet. In addition to these simple measures you can also apply a hair mask prepared with mayonnaise, olive oil and 1 egg. You can apply this on your hair, covering the hair with a towel and allowing the mask to soak into your hair for 30 minutes before shampooing your hair. For people with excessively dry and frizzy hair, it is a good idea to apply a small amount of hair gel to tame the frizzy nature of the hair.

answered by G B on 20 Apr 2009, 4:31:27


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