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Using vitamin E in order to help grow and flourish nails and hair

What effects does a hand and nail cream with Vitamin E have?
(20 Apr 2009)

Vitamin E is considered to be especially useful in helping nails and hair to grow and flourish. If you are suffering from any type of problem with your nails, then you can easily take a vitamin E over the counter supplement. If they are supplied over the counter, nutritional supplements are mostly harmless and will benefit you, rather than cause any harm. But for any prolonged or large dosage, you should exercise caution and preferably consult with a medical professional before you take the supplement. While vitamin E based creams and lotions are freely and easily sold over the counter and advertised as and ingredient for all sorts of magical differences in the quality of your nails, you should be aware that most of them will not change a thing. This is because the chemical structure of vitamin E does not allow for it to be fully topically absorbed into the surface of your nails. While some element of the cream may very well get absorbed, most of it will just lie there and not make any difference to your nails. You should concentrate on using a cream or oil that is not specifically focused on your hands or nails. These are usually rich in moisture and nutrient value and will make a positive difference. Generally, creams that are targeted towards the hands and nails will tend to toughen your skin over prolonged usage. It is not possible for a skin that claims to "toughen" the nails, to actually end up "softening" your hands, and vice versa. The cream can either make your nails tough or your skin soft. Any single cream cannot do both.

You should also take some other precautionary measures to ensure the health and well being of your nails. Try to avoid putting your hands in the water for too much time at a stretch. This will cause your nails to dry up and become brittle, thus making them easier to crack at the slightest whack of contact. You should also make sure you keep your nails and hands well moisturized at all times. Increase your intake of vitamin A and natural sources of vitamin E as well. Both of these vitamins are soluble in the body and will work to keep your hair, nails and skin in excellent health and good condition. This is also preferred to topical applications. Make sure you keep nails trimmed and clean at all times. These small things will make big differences.

answered by G B on 20 Apr 2009, 4:31:27


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