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Time period to see reduce and make pimples disappear

Sir, I have pimples on my face. Please suggest me some home remedies so that I can cure my pimples and pimple marks!
(16 Apr 2009)


Getting rid of pimples is usually quite simple today, although it does take a long time to completely solve the problem. Getting rid of pimple marks, on the other hand, might not be very easy, depending upon the kind of marks that have been left by the pimples.


The most effective way to banish those pimples is through regular use of an over the counter cream that contains either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Pimples form when dead skin cells accumulate on the skin's surface, which then results in the blockage of pores. When such blockage occurs, they cannot release sebum from the sebaceous glands under the skin, and the sebum accumulates in the pore. Eventually, bacteria start attacking the sebum, resulting in a pimple and the associated inflammation, itching, and pain. The ingredients mentioned - salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide - work by helping to get rid of dead skin cells more efficiently. To some extent they also reduce the bacterial presence on the skin's surface. In this way, they reduce the chances of blocked pores and infections. It is however important to note that the treatment may take over a month to start showing results, and it may take up to a year for your pimples to disappear completely. In the meanwhile, you need to continue using the cream regularly and consistently, while maintaining the strictest levels of hygiene. Wash your face frequently during the day, and avoid touching it at other times. Avoid using soap for every single wash however, as it will dry out your skin and cause other problems. Scratching, plucking, and bursting pimples is of course to be avoided completely, as it will increase the likelihood of more pimples forming, as well as the chances of scarring. You can also use some home remedies such as a face scrub made of honey, turmeric powder, and sandalwood powder - but remember that such remedies alone will not get rid of the pimples.


Finally, to return to the question of pimple marks - there are several different marks that pimples can leave on your face. These may be simple spots of hyperpigmentation, which will disappear with time. The honey remedy described earlier will marginally speed up this process. However, if the marks are actual acne scar, involving loss of tissue or build up of scar tissue, then they will last for years. Only cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion and laser scar removal will get rid of such scars.




answered by G B on 16 Apr 2009, 5:41:03


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