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Hair turning white due to coloring, cause of hair turning white

I have shoulder length hairs, few months back I colored them and they are turning white, also growth rate is small. Please suggest so that growth rate and volume of hair can be boosted.
(14 Apr 2009)

It is unlikely that coloring your hair would cause it to go white. The chemicals used in hair coloring can be quite harsh and can damage hair, but this damage is more likely to be manifested in the form of hair loss, or dry, brittle, and rough hair. It is not likely that the chemicals would cause your hair follicles to stop producing melanin, which gives hair its color. Usually, melanin production gradually ceases as we grow older. This can happen any time after the age of thirty, but for some people it may be almost unnoticeable till well after 40, while others may be unfortunate to start noticing white hairs while still in their teens. This is something that is simply determined by your genes, and there is nothing you can do about it except for dyeing your hair. To some extent, your lifestyle plays a role - this includes the general state of your health, amount of stress, and whether you get enough rest, but these do not have a very large role to play. It is however known that smoking can contribute to premature graying of hair, so if you smoke, here is one more reason why you should stop.

The slow growth rate of your hair is most probably due to a problem with your diet. Your hair needs several different nutrients in order to grow properly, and a deficiency in any one of these could cause your hair to grow slowly or become weak and thin. There is no special diet for this - simply ensure that your diet has a lot of variety and includes a lot of fruits and vegetables. It is difficult to identify exactly what you could be deficient (and therefore what you should eat more of) in until the deficiency starts affecting your health in other ways. The hair is often the first to be affected, because when the body falls short of a certain nutrient it uses it first for more vital functions, and only then is the surplus used for hair.

Besides this, simply ensure that you follow proper hair care measures. Wash your hair regularly with a suitable shampoo, and see whether using a volumizing shampoo helps too. You should also trim your hair at least once a month, so as to get rid of the damaged or broken hair. Ask your hairdresser about a suitable hair style too - a different hair style might make your hair look a lot fuller.

answered by G D on 14 Apr 2009, 6:24:37


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