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Having excessively dry skin, treat excessively dry skin

My body skin is too dry, I apply oil after bath and lotion before sleep, use baby soap for bath still my skin looks dull, dry and stretched. It is loosing tightness and looks older then my age.
(14 Apr 2009)

You are facing the problem of typically excessively dry skin. This is a fairly common problem and nothing that cannot be overcome. To begin with, you must understand that using baby soap is not any kind of solution. While baby soap is gentle and mild, it does not necessarily contain the large amount of moisture that the adult skin needs. This is simply because babies do not need so much of oil and moisturization, and whatever they need is supplied in their extremely rich diet as well as lotions and oils used on them regularly. You should be aware that the texture of your skin also depends upon what you eat as well. If your diet is poor and does not contain enough of all nutrients required by the body, this will manifest on your skin. You should ensure that this is not a cause of concern to begin with. If you are on an extremely low fat diet, you should add adequate fatty substances to your diet to ensure that some of the nutrition also reaches your skin. You should also change your oil and lotion.

Start using soap that contains oil. You will get plenty of these off the shelf. Please note that if you start facing problems such as cracking or bleeding of your dry skin, you will need to get prescription based soap, for which a medical consultation will be required. Otherwise, you can use any soap that contains generous amounts of oil or moisturizer. You should also try and start using pure olive oil after a bath. This will work for you far better than any oil. You must also make it a point to apply this twice a day. Once in the morning after a bath and once before bedtime should prove to be adequate. In the interim, you can also use lotion during the day. Keep in mind that due to the excessive dryness of your skin, you will need to apply cream and lotion more frequently than the standard once or twice a day. If possible, try to get a full body massage once a week for this purpose, use mustard oil. It is extremely rich in moisture and also very rich in healing properties. It will deeply nourish as well as moisturize your skin extremely well. Following these routines for about a month or two should show you positive results. You may have to try a few different soaps and oils.

answered by G D on 14 Apr 2009, 6:24:36


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