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Follicles care

does hard combing of hair damages the follicles?
( 9 Jan 2008)

Follicles care 

Rough or hard combing of hair may not necessarily damage the follicles themselves, but it can certainly damage your hair. Doing anything with great force usually ends up causing damage to what is supposedly being cared for — whether you are brushing your teeth, scrubbing your skin, or combing your hair.

It is entirely unnecessary to use force when combing your hair. The idea is simply to detangle the hair and make it flow smoothly and neatly. By using too much force, you often end up tangling hair more, as knots are formed in the hair, and existing knots get tightened. In addition, you might also cause hair to break or even get pulled out from the root.

Instead, you should comb your hair gently and slowly, Make sure that your comb is not sharp and the teeth are set widely enough apart to suit your hair type. If there are any knots, loosen and open them gently using your fingers, not the comb. If your hair tends to get knotted and tangled a lot, you should consider using a conditioner on your hair. Never comb your hair immediately after you have washed it; combing hair while it is still wet is more likely to damage the hair.

answered by G S on 6 Apr 2008, 11:59:44


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