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Pigmentation from sun exposure, home remedies to reduce hyper pigmentation

What can I do to reduce the discolored pigmentation on my cheeks due to sun exposure?
( 2 Jan 2009)


The condition that you are experiencing that is pigmentation due to sun is referred to as hyper pigmentation. It is often caused as a result of excessive sun exposure but can also be brought on at times because of birth control pills. Similar skin discoloration is experienced at times with pregnancy and if this is the case you need not worry as the discoloration associated with pregnancy is only temporary. In other situations people often use bleaching agents but these can more often than not, cause further damage. Many skin products contain hydroquinone, which will only worsen your condition. This chemical which is used for bleaching leaves your skin highly sensitive to sunlight and is therefore often the main hyperpigmentation causes. The first step that you need to take towards restoring an even skin color or skin tone is to discard and avoid using any such suspect skin care products.


Sun damage is the most common natural cause of hyper pigmentation and is also the most easily avoidable. While avoiding exposure to sunlight altogether is not practical and is downright unhealthy there are ways in which you can protect yourself.


  • Sunscreen lotions are extremely effective so make sure you always apply a sunscreen before going out. Ideally the sun protection factor in any such lotion should be at least fifteen.
  • In addition to protection avoid going out in the sun around midday when exposure would be at its peak.
  • You can also wear clothing that covers and shields as much skin as possible or use sun protective clothing, that is specially designed for the purpose.


In addition to protection there are also some hyper pigmentation home remedies that you can follow to deal with your problem. Some of them will help give you an even tone by lightening those areas that have been darkened.


  • Cut a slice of fresh lemon and rub it on the affected areas of skin. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent that helps to lighten dark patches caused as a result of skin hyperpigmentation.
  • Mix some hydrogen peroxide with milk powder to get a thick paste and add a little glycerin to it. Apply the paste to any areas of skin afflicted with hyper pigmentation and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. This is a very effective remedy but can cause dryness, in which case it would be a good idea to use a moisturizer after washing.
  • A mixture of castor oil and vitamin E can also be applied on the pigmented skin to decrease patchiness.
  • Aloe vera is an excellent herbal remedy and it's gel can be used as a topical application.
  • Keep your skin well hydrated by drinking a lot of water and fruit or vegetable juices.



answered by G S on 2 Jan 2009, 8:41:22


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